Across the United States, companies, organizations, and communities have gone the extra mile (or three!) to ensure that frontline and essential workers feel appreciated as they sacrifice their time and safety to ensure we are all safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of its efforts to serve those serving in the healthcare field, Alaska Airlines has undertaken a massive effort that may surprise you during this economic period – free flights.

From the Alaska Airlines website:

We’re beyond grateful for medical workers everywhere who are going the extra mile to keep people safe and healthy. In appreciation of their heroic efforts, we’re giving each medical worker flying on us to provide coronavirus support a roundtrip ticket for some much-needed R&R in the future.

While many airlines are canceling flights and reducing routes, it may seem crazy to see an airline offering free flights. However, Alaska Airlines is bucking the trend and working hard to ensure that not only do healthcare workers have access to travel to virus hotspots that need frontline help but that they are able to look forward to a free round-trip vacation when the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel.

How To Take Advantage Of The Alaska Airline Offer

In order to take advantage of the #GoingTheExtraMile Alaska Airlines offer, it is important to take note of the airline’s requirements:

  • You must be an “essential healthcare worker” (Positions such as a nurse, doctor, LPN, surgeons, etc.)
  • You must be in need to travel to a virus-hit spot for humanitarian support.
  • Groups can apply, but may only be considered if they are traveling with 10 or fewer people per organization.

How To Apply

To apply for the free flights, you should head over to the Alaska Airlines website and begin the application process online. You will need to sign up with Alaska Airlines partner Angel Flight West, where they will check that you meet the requirements for the offer.

After you have been confirmed, they will work with you to book both the healthcare travel trip in April/May, as well as the future trip for your rest and relaxation. (Did we mention they are paying for your luggage as well?) Head over to Alaska Airline’s website today to find out more.

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