As the novel coronavirus and it’s accompanying respiratory infection COVID-19 has swept across the nation, millions in the healthcare industry have answered the call to treat patients in dangerous hotspots. If you have answered the call and are needing a safe, clean bed to sleep in each night, many hotels have begun to offer free rooms! 

For those who have traveled miles to serve during the pandemic, more than 15,000 hotels have banded together to offer free hotel rooms and service to heroes through the “Hospitality For Hope” initiative. A coalition of hotel chains and independent, stand-alone properties have offered nearly three and a half millions rooms to first healthcare workers across the country. hotel chains and independent properties are offering more than 3.4 million hotel rooms to healthcare workers in our country’s time of need. Marriott hotels are also offering free rooms through a similar process in their “Rooms for Responders” offer.

 Healthcare Worker? How To Take Advantage Of The ANA Free Hotel Offer

Wondering how to take advantage of these incredible deals? Here’s an example of the process with an offer from Hilton and ANA. As part of their commitment to healthcare professionals serving during COVID-19, the American Nurses Association has partnered with the American Nurses Foundation, Hilton, and American Express to offer free hotel rooms for nurses across the country. 

The program, which started offering free rooms on April 13th, allows members of the American Nursing Association to access quarantine while they work. Eligible members can access up to seven consecutive nights at Hilton hotel chains in cities across the United States – offering safety and peace of mind from fear of infecting others.

To become an eligible member, simply head over to the American Nurses Association website and click on the “Join ANA” button to create a membership account. Once you are a member you can access the Hilton free room program and reserve a room! To see a full FAQ of the program, click here for Hilton and ANA’s full FAQ.

As a hero during the time of coronavirus, make sure to take advantage of the hundreds of benefits and free offers that companies are using to honor first responders and healthcare professionals during this difficult time. Watch here for more information on how you can access much-needed services and support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

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