From the moment you wake up to the second your head hits your bed, your life as a frontline healthcare worker is full of stress, anxiety, and the never-ending rush of countless individuals depending on you. As the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread across the world, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals began to experience levels of acute stress rarely seen except in wartime – on a daily basis.

While the work that healthcare professionals provide during times such as these is indispensable, simply rushing through the day without a moment to stop and breath will lead to burnout, breakdown, and an increased risk of physical, mental, and spiritual illness.

In order to be your best self during difficult times, it is important to begin to incorporate healthy habits into your daily schedule. By adding short moments of habitual wellness to your hectic day, you can keep yourself well while serving others. One of those short, helpful methods of keeping sane is to bring mindfulness into your daily life – through simple methods of easy and light meditation.

A Five Minute Meditation for Frontline Crisis Workers

Even in the days before the pandemic struck, it was likely difficult to find a moment to collect yourself and find peace in the hectic world of healthcare. If you want to begin to add the practice of mindfulness meditation to your day, here is a quick five-minute meditation that you can do anytime, anywhere. Simply find a place to sit for a moment for yourself on your next break, and walk through the following process:

  • Find a place to be by yourself, and take a seat. Take the first 30 seconds to quiet your mind and surroundings.
  • Sit tall with your spine elongated, and your chin held up level with the ground.
  • With eyes closed or looking down your nose, begin to breathe in slowly, repeating in your mind or out loud “Earth below. Sky above. Peace within.”
  • Hold your breath for a few seconds before breathing the same mantra out once more. Continue this routine for several minutes, drawing your mind back to your breath and mantra if it wanders away.
  • When you finish, whether on your own or by using a timer on your favorite device, allow yourself to slowly come back to the center of yourself and open your eyes. Take a final breath and take in your surroundings.

Once you completed the session, think back on your experience.

What did you notice?

How do you feel?

What thoughts have come to mind?

Having a simple meditation practice like this can mean a world of difference in a stressful work environment. We can rest knowing that the world around us will continue to spin – even if we stop for a brief moment of peace and clarity.

While the work you are doing as a frontline healthcare professional is certainly not insignificant, you can rest knowing that you are not responsible for every single occurrence that is happening around you at all times. With this in mind, you can begin to move forward in your day, having taken a moment for yourself to breathe, find your inner strength, and prepare yourself to tackle whatever comes your way.

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