When it comes to finding a position in the high-stress, high-competition world of professional healthcare, finding a position in a field you are passionate about can often feel a million miles away. For those who enter into the process having been born on foreign soil can leave the prospects feeling like looking toward the other side of the ocean. Between the education differences, legal expectations, and cultural/societal differences, applying for jobs as an immigrant can seem intimidating and overwhelming.

Here’s the good news: Hospitals and medical facilities in the United States are desperate for qualified, talented professionals – regardless of their nation of origin. At Apollo, we exist to connect hospitals with healthcare workers, and we can attest to the constant need for skilled professionals across the healthcare industry.

While the process can be complicated, we want to help dispel some common fears and misconceptions with a short explanation of the opportunities that await those who have the courage to take a step forward in achieving their professional dreams.

What Options Are Available For Immigrants?

So what are the available options for getting hired as a foreign-born healthcare professional in a US hospital or medical facility? Every situation is unique and would benefit from the professional help of a qualified, licensed attorney. However, at Apollo we want to give you a primer on the available options so that you have a starting point by which to begin your American healthcare journey:

J-1 Visas

A J-1 visa is the most common and direct way for foreign nationals to apply for travel and an extended stay in the United States to enroll in any type of full-time education – including medical school. Often, J-1 visas can be used by physicians who wish to complete their residency or fellowship training in the United States after completing their study in a foreign country. While on a J-1 visa, waivers are often necessary to stay in the States past the original visa length. If a J-1 visa-holder overstays their visa, they will need to return to their home country for up to two years before reapplying. Other visa types include the O-1, TN, or E-2 visa. Each of these is temporary and has strict guidelines by which to stay legal.

Green Card – Applying For Permanent Us Residency

Another common process by which to travel to the United States to gain employment in the healthcare field is by obtaining a “green card” which allows for permanent residency in the country. Typically, employers sponsor individuals who are seeking to obtain a green card as a way of proving employment as a necessity for travel and stay.

Full U.S. Citizenship.

A final method of immigration is to apply for full US citizenship. Typically, a three to five year period of temporary residency is required before the application for full citizenship can occur. A test is taken, and the successful completion of the exam allows for naturalization as a citizen.

3 Tips To Succeed As An Immigrant Healthcare Professional

Once you have decided on your method of coming to the United States to seek a job in the medical industry or education, there are several ways that you can be proactive in achieving your goals. Here are three tips to consider when seeking to obtain a healthcare position in the United States as a foreign national:

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Before your medical training or education ends, begin the process of looking into and researching potential employers. Getting to know the options that are available for your area of medical expertise can help you narrow down the field and allow you to focus your energy on the most productive channels. Learn about the hiring practices, requirements, and culture of the various places you are considering to know what to expect throughout the application and interview process.

Find A Skilled Immigration Attorney

Don’t be afraid to seek legal help. There are countless individuals across the country who are trained in the common issues that foreign nationals experience in the immigration and job search process.  By having a skilled legal counselor in your corner, you will have the ability to speed up the process of finding a position by partnering with someone who knows your story, your passion, and your goals.

Learn About Your Potential Employer

If you are not familiar with the various locations where you are looking to potentially work, it is important to do your homework and prepare before you apply.

  • Does this city or community need the services that you are trained in?
  • Is this hospital the right fit for your specific expertise?
  • Are there opportunities for growth available at this location?

Knowing this will save you and your potential employer valuable time when it comes to the application and interview process. An added bonus is that your future boss may see your research beforehand as a sign of initiative and hard work – a bonus that can help you land the job you have always dreamed of obtaining!

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