The novel coronavirus has had a crippling economic impact on all sectors, and many people have lost their jobs. The healthcare sector hasn’t been spared as healthcare workers are facing layoffs, furloughs and salary cuts in response to declining revenues. That means that thousands of healthcare workers, who we so desperately need right now, are facing the lockdown at home. 

There are a few options, though. There is an increasing shortage of healthcare staff in hundreds of hospitals and facilities across the country – list yourself as available and try to apply for a new position or volunteer

If your situation doesn’t allow you to work, or your hours are being reduced – it might be a good idea to file for unemployment funding. 

  1. Get Your Documents Ready To File For Unemployment Benefits

This is the very first step you need to take, and doing so in advance will make sure nothing gets in the way. Have copies of your most recent paychecks, and save any correspondence from your employer offline to have ready as proof. This can be anything from email correspondence to a photo of a ”closed” notice. This will help you prove your case – quickly. 

2. Healthcare workers should apply sooner, rather than later

The process takes time, so applying as soon as you notice your hours decreasing means you’ll get support faster. Due to the nature of the novel coronavirus, most states have ramped up their online application process. This means you can apply from the comfort of your home, and you don’t have to spend hours in a queue. You might, however, need to spend some time online, as the process can be slowed due to the high user volume at the moment.

3. Apply even if you’re unsure

If you’re not sure whether or not you are eligible, still apply. Most states encourage people to apply and leave the decision making to them. Each state has its own criteria and administers its own Unemployment Insurance program, the best is to stay up to date by following their individual websites and applying to get assistance. Even if you’re denied, you can appeal and as the situation evolves, your eligibility may change. 

4. Be patient

The process takes time, be patient while waiting for the results. But, depending on your situation, don’t just sit at home either –  we need our medical and healthcare staff now more than ever. Apply for vacant positions or consider volunteering in your community, the process is quick and simple with Apollo – simply sign up online and get matched instantly with providers in your area, or notified when new positions open up. Together, we can #CombatCorona.

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