If you are a healthcare professional, you know that finding the job of your dreams is… well, a dream! One of the most intimidating parts of the process can be the first step – the interview. However, with a little bit of preparation beforehand, you can lower your stress and impress your future employer. Before you take on your next interview, consider these tips and tricks for rocking your next interview.

Common Interview Prompts & Ideas For Impressive Answers

“Why don’t you tell me a little bit about yourself?”

Don’t get too busy down in the weeds in this question. The interviewee isn’t looking for your life story, but instead a broad view of your journey to this point, along with highlights of your personal journey, your education and work history, as well as any bit of insight that makes you perfect for this role. Don’t be afraid to brag on yourself where appropriate.

“So why did you apply to work this position at this location?”

The best answer here is one that shows that you have done your homework. Make sure that you know a little bit about the history and location of the facility, what sets it apart from the other places you could have applied, and what drew you to the position. Feel free to share how your specific skills or training have prepared you for the unique elements of this job at this employer.

“Okay, tell me your biggest strength.”

This question always seems like a trick question, but most often it isn’t. Usually, they are looking to see how you view yourself, your preparation, and your confidence. Before your interview, make a list of the strengths you possess that make you perfect for this role. Also, consider how your interpersonal communication may make you a good candidate for working along with the team you may join.

“What is your biggest weakness?”

The dreaded “weakness question” is the weakness of every interview! Don’t shy away from answering this question honestly, and try not to choose a cop-out answer that is a compliment in disguise – such as “I just care too much!” Show how any lack of experience or expertise could be remedied by your being on this team or in this position, and give an example of how you have risen to the occasion in the past to overcome other weaknesses.

“Do you have any career goals?”

This question seems intimidating, but this is actually a golden opportunity for you to explain why you got into the healthcare field in the first place! Speak to your passions, your goals, and your dreams for the next years of your life. Show how working at this employer can help you in that journey, but be aware if your answer makes it seem like you are eager to move on too quickly.

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